XTM-50 - tunable filter with adjustable bandwidth

With the XTM-50 both center wavelength and bandwidth can be independently adjusted. It is manually controlled and versions are available covering all the key telecom wavelengths from 1260 nm to1650 nm and bandwidths from 32 pm (4 GHz) to 5 nm.

Key features:-

  • Adjustable bandwidth flat-top filter
  • Ultra-sharp filter edges
  • High isolation
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • 200 nm wavelength range
  • Narrowest Filter – Highest Selectivity

The XTM-50 tunable filter is the perfect tool for laboratory use. Its optical performance is identical to the XTA-50 as it is based on the same optical system. The wavelength tuning and bandwidth adjustment are manual through micrometers.

All versions of the XTA-50 have their manual equivalent in the XTM-50 family.

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