XFA - Fixed bandwidth tunable filter

The XFA is electronically controlled and wavelength tuning ranges from 1450 nm to 1650 nm. The bandwidth is factory-set and can be selected at purchase between 50 pm and 800 pm with respect to the center wavelength.

Key features:-

  • Fixed bandwidth flat-top filter
  • Ultra-sharp filter edges
  • High isolation
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • 200 nm wavelength range
  • Easy-to-use software

The XFA tunable filter is an economic alternative to the XTA-50 if you only need wavelength tuning at a fixed bandwidth. The bandwidth of the XFA is factory set to a value in the 50 to 800 pm range chosen by the customer.

The XFA offers the same features as the XTA-50 except for the bandwidth adjustment. The extremely sharp edges ensure a clean cut between the signal and the adjacent channels or noise, while the flat-top square shape ensures data integrity. Those characteristics in combination with the intuitive user-interface make the filter an ideal tool for manufacturing environments.

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