TS 22 Series Test Sets

The TS22 Series telephone test equipment offers a combination of reliability, durability and expanded utility.

  • TS22 Test Set has an amplified speaker for hands-free monitoring
  • TS22A Test Set has a two-way speakerphone for true hands-free conversation
  • DropSafeTM reliability passes 20-foot drop test
  • RainSafeTM protection in severe weather conditions
  • Stores nine 18-digit numbers in repertory dialer (speed dialing)

The TS22 Test Set’s unique built-in one-way amplified speaker provides three audio levels for hands-free listening and use with automated voice response systems. Multiple memories enable storage of nine 18 digit telephone numbers in repertory dialer (speed dialing) for easy access to test boards, the central office and other frequently called numbers. The last number redial feature eliminates the need to re-key your last entry. The TS22 Test Set offers an unbeatable combination of reliability, durability and expanded utility.

The TS22A Test Set is equipped with all the features of the TS22 Test Set with the addition of a built in two-way speakerphone. The two-way speakerphone enables the user to operate hands free. The effect of ambient noise can be eliminated with the Mute switch, allowing the technician to monitor a line uninterrupted while in Talk mode. A standard among field professionals, the TS22A model is a reliable and durable test set that is ready for any job.

* The TS22 Series Test Set contains an embedded 3-volt lithium battery.  The 9-volt battery in the Test Set should be changed when low, or once a year if not in use, to prevent the 3-volt battery from draining.  A 3-volt battery that drains after its 42-month warranty will need to be replaced by an authorized service facility at a charge to you.


  • Tone (DTMF) and pulse operation
  • Last number redial
  • DTMF signal levels compensated for loop length
  • DropSafe™ unit up to 20 feet
  • Audible electronic ringer
  • Locking mute switch
  • 3-year redial storage time
  • Over voltage and over current protection
  • PBX pause button
  • Field replaceable belt clip
  • Continuous polarity LED indications
  • For use with computerized voice response systems
  • Stores nine 18-digit numbers in repertory dialer (speed dialing)
  • RainSafe™ ruggedness for use in extreme weather conditions
  • TS22A includes above and additionally high impedance monitor for DataSafe™ operation and two-way speakerphone

Models & Accessories

  • 22800001 TS22 test set with piercing pin clips
  • 22800004 TS22 test set with 346A plug
  • 22800007 TS22 test set with ground start cord
  • 22800009 TS22 test set with ABN
  • 22801001 TS22A test set with piercing pin clips
  • 22801004 TS22A test set with 346A plug
  • 22801007 TS22A test set with ground start cord
  • 22801009 TS22A test set with ABN



  • Loop Limit 2 kΩ maximum at 48 VDC (nominal 20 mA minimum loop current)
  • DC Resistance  (Talk Mode) 300 Ω typical

Monitor Impedance

  • TS22 5 kΩ nominal at 1 kHz
  • TS22A 120 kΩ nominal at 1 kHz

Rotary Dial Output 

  • Pulsing Rate 10 pps ±5 pps
  • Percent Break 61 % ± 2 %
  • Interdigit Interval 1000 ms typical
  • Leakage During Break >50 kΩ

DTMF Output

  • Tone ±1% maximum
  • Frequency Error Tone Level -3 dBm combined (typical)
  • High versus Low Tone Difference 4 dB maximum
  • Monitor Amplifier 9 V battery; provides 25 hours
  • Power Source continuous use, typical
  • Speaker Levels for TS22 Low, medium, high and off
  • Automatic Power Shut Off After 5 min. of no audio signal
  • Speakerphone Levels TS22A Low, medium, high and off
  • Power Source Shared line and battery power


  • Physical Measurement 10.25 in x 2.69 in x 3.38 in (26 cm x 6.83 cm x 8.57 cm)


  • TS22 21 ounces (.595 kg)
  • TS22A 22 ounces (.624 kg) typical


  • Temperature Operating: 29 °F to 140 °F (-34 °C to 60 °C)
  • Storage -40 °F to 150 °F (-40°C to 66 °C)
  • Altitude To 10,000 feet (3,000 meters)
  • Relative Humidity 5 % to 95 %

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