TestFlow - field test automation and analytics solution

Taking operational efficiency to new heights with process automation to optimize field testing performance and contextual analytics to effectively ensure compliance with defined processes.

A smarter, scalable way to test

85% savings on time spent on data entry in the field  
Time-consuming and error prone manual field tasks are eliminated

50% savings in testing time
Optimal network performance delivered on schedule

100% compliant to test process
Using the same approach every time ensures quality and compliance

The TestFlow solution

EXFO’s TestFlow leverages back-office systems and web-based tools to automate and orchestrate an end‑to‑end testing process.

Step 1: Create intelligent digitized job definitions including predefined test-point IDs, required tests and applicable test configurations for optimized network standards compliance.

Step 2: Distribute jobs to test units and mobile devices.

Step 3: Run consistent job-specific test sequences on test units and mobile devices without the need for other applications or manuals. Benefit from automated step-by-step tasks and job closeout with dynamic reporting and task-sensitive help for maximized technician efficiency.

Step 4: Automatically upload test results with predefined filenames to centralized TestFlow server for results-to-metrics processing and immediate and complete closeout package audit.

Step 5: Analyze user-defined testing metrics from centralized TestFlow database and verify compliance with network design standards. Get automatic test-results analytics and actionable information for visible network testing and proactive management with streamlined work-compliance auditing.

Step 6: Integrate TestFlow server with back-office systems using open application programming interfaces (APIs).

Transform field-testing operations via analytics

TestFlow delivers different reports that audit, track and trend job efficiency, quality and status. All test results are easily viewable for post analysis to a specific test point by simply clicking on the item of concern—eliminating the headaches of trying to review a closeout package or verify results through an audit. Tasks and test results are objectively identified in red- or green-colored notifications and are clearly visible.

Link everything. Unify all results.

EXFO Link is a mobile application designed to aggregate data and ease consolidation of test results from EXFO or third-party-vendor test sets.

With EXFO Link, test results can be transferred to a smart device from any test set using a wireless or wired link.

From the smart device, results are sent to a centralized database to facilitate consolidation of files from multiple sources into one location.

Key features:-

  • Automatic labeling of results removes the guesswork
  • Provides a digitized MOP with specific tasks for a given job
  • Eliminates tedious manual data entry
  • Enables technicians, using an easy-to-read format, to verify that all tests required were completed
  • Verifies technicians have performed 100% of work required via reports of each result
  • Provides summary test reports to notify managers when technicians has finished work
  • Immediately generates a final report for close out
  • Identifies problems with efficiency and quality across all jobs

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