Session Border Controller Testing

This IP-to-IP Gateway Test Suite focuses on testing critical functions, which ensure the viability of VoIP and IMS services.

Key features:-

  • 2 560 000 emulated endpoints
  • 4250 calls per second
  • 18 000 registrations per second
  • Response latency characterization for registration and call setup
  • Supported codecs: AMR, ILBC, G.711, G.729, G.721, G.726, G.723, G.722, G.728, EVRC, EVRC-B, GSM-EFR, GSM-FR, GSM-HR, H.263, H.264, DTMF, etc.
  • SIP message definition (valid, invalid and proprietary) using a GUI or text-based editor
  • Call flow creation (valid, invalid and proprietary)
  • Protocol state machine manipulation using a ladder diagram
  • SRTP, IPSec and TLS
  • NAT traversal verification capabilities
  • DTMF insertion and extraction testing
  • IMS calls and AKA authentication support
  • Extensive media analysis including path verification, theft of service, mean opinion score (MOS), perceptual evaluation of speech quality (PESQ), R-factor, jitter, delay, loss, etc.


  • Complete test lifecycle coverage: feature, negative, load, regression, interoperability and scalability testing
  • Security testing capabilities such as protection against theft of service, SIP flood/DoS and rogue media
  • Characterization of voice, video and DTMF impairment

IP-to-IP gateways such as session border controllers, H.248 border gateways, security gateways and firewalls, play a critical role in enabling and protecting the new generation of multimedia services, which are driving the deployment of VoIP and fixed mobile converged (IMS) networks.

VoIP and IMS IP-to-IP gateways support a number of core functions such as security against theft of service and malicious attacks using SIP flood/DoS and rogue media, per-session policing, QoS monitoring and reporting as well as secure access to services.

This IP-to-IP Gateway Test Suite focuses on testing these critical functions, which ensure the viability of VoIP and IMS services.

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