SCM-GbE Interface

The SCM Gigabit Ethernet Interface (10/100/1000 Mbit/s) is designed to facilitate high-performance signaling testing. It is equipped with custom-designed FPGAs, ensuring accurate time stamping of signaling messages with a 10-nanosecond time-stamp resolution to characterize the network’s performance

Key features:-

  • 512 000 SIP endpoints, 512 000 HSS subscribers
  • 3600 SIP registrations, 8600 SIP messages flood, 850 SIP calls per second
  • Accurate network delay, latency and session establishment time measurement
  • Coupled with high-performance, flexible and easy-to-use sipFlex and hssFlex test suites
  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet interface (RJ-45), each port can be controlled separately in a multi-user environment
  • Supports high-performance security protocols (TLS, IPSec, IKE) by leveraging the hardware-assisted security feature of the processor


  • VoIP and IMS device and network testing
  • Feature, load, regression, performance and scale testing

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