Pro3000 Analog Tone and Probe

Signal Interference can be caused by multiple sources (I.e. power cables, fans, lighting, etc.) and can make tracing communication cabling almost impossible.

The Pro3000F probe utilizes innovative filter technology to obstruct signal interference to make tracing your cable easier, regardless of the work environment. Depending on the region, signal interference may be at 60 Hz, which is most common in North America, or 50 Hz, which is more common in Europe and Asia. For this reason, there are 2 versions of the Pro3000F Filtered Probe. The Pro3000F60, which obstructs 60 Hz signals and its harmonics and the Pro3000F50, which blocks interference at 50 Hz and its harmonics.

Technicians can also switch between filtered and unfiltered modes with a simple push of a button. The probe’s loud speaker also allows for use in noisy locations and for tracing cable through drywall, wood and other enclosures. The probe also touts an auto-off feature that deactivates the probe after 5 minutes to conserve battery life.

The Pro3000F Filtered probe becomes even more useful when paired with the the Pro3000 Tone Generator. The Pro3000 Tone Generator allows for direct connection to unterminated wire using the angle bed of nails clips or terminated RJ-type jacks with the male RJ-11 plug. The tone generators strong tone and SmartTone™ technology allows for precise pair identification up to 10 miles (16 km) away.

Pro3000 Analog Tone Generator and SmartTone™

Use the SmartTone™ capability of the Pro3000 Tone Generator to identify the right pair. Simply short the selected pair at the near or far end to change the cadence of the tone generated. The tone change you hear through the probe can help you identify the correct wire pair. SmartTone™ provides five distinct tones for exact pair identification.

Tone Generator features:

  • SmartTone™
  • Send tone signal up to 10 miles on most cables
  • Line cord features angled bed-of-nails clips and a rugged RJ-11 plug for direct access to phone and data jacks without adapters
  • External switch allows selection of solid or alternating tone options, indicated with solid or flashing LEDs
  • Continuity Testing
  • Line polarity confirmation

Pro3000F Filtered Probe features:

  • Innovative filtered probe obstructs signal of 60 Hz or 50 Hz external interference
  • Switch between filtered and unfiltered modes with one button press.
  • Tone and trace wire on non-active networks
  • Auto-off capability extends battery life
  • Loud probe speaker is audible in noisy locations

Pro3000 Unfiltered Probe

For technicians that do not require a filtered probe, there is the original Pro3000 Probe. The ergonomic sleek design is easy to handle and use. Like the Pro3000F Filtered probe, the Pro3000 Unfiltered Probe features a loud speaker to hear tone clearly through walls, enclosures and in loud environments. The recessed on/off button helps prevent the probe from accidently being turned on when stored.

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