ScopeMeter test tools combine the high performance of a bench oscilloscope with the rugged portability of a Fluke DMM to take you into territory other scopes can’t go – where it’s harsh, hazardous and dirty.

Oscilloscopes graphically show you problems you can’t detect with other tools. With fast sampling rates up to 2.5 GS/s, 400 ps resolution and deep memory of up to 10,000 samples per channel, ScopeMeter captures and displays waveforms, noise and other disturbances in great detail.

ScopeMeter test tools offer a number of unique features that help you quickly set up the scope and diagnose difficult problems like intermittent events, signal fluctuations or drift. Connect-and-View triggering gives you an instant stable display. TrendPlot records up to 16 days to help you catch intermittent faults, ScopeRecord helps you capture glitches as short as 8 ns with the new 190 Series II – five times faster than ever before, You can even go back in time with automatic capture of the last 100 screens to find one-time anomalies.

• Fluke 190 Series II » Bandwidth available 60MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz and 500MHz with the isolated channel options of 2 Channel and 4 channels. Models: Fluke 190-062, Fluke 190-102, Fluke 190-202, Fluke 190-104, Fluke 190-204, Fluke 190-502 and Fluke190-504.

• Fluke 120B Series » Bandwidth available 20MHz and 40MHz with the Two No. of isolated channels. o Models: Fluke 123B, Fluke 124B and Fluke 125B.

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