OSICS - multifunction platform

Multifunction modular platform for fiber-optic component testing with up to eight pluggable modules

The OSICS multifunction modular platform offers the most flexibility and the widest selection of pluggable modules required in fiber optic component and system testing, particularly for dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) system evaluations.

Up to eight pluggable modules can be mixed and matched in a single OSICS mainframe, thereby meeting all needs for applications requiring, for example, multi-wavelength sources.

OSICS features a complete line of modules including

Compact tunable lasers

  • OSICS T100: ultra-low SSE tunable external cavity lasers (step mode)
  • OSICS ECL: standard tunable external cavity laser (step mode)

Compact transmission laser

  • OSICS TLS-AG: narrow linewidth tunable lasers for coherent transmission
  • OSICS DFB: distributed feedback laser diodes for DWDM, CWDM and LAN-WDM transmission

Broadband light sources

  • OSICS SLD: superluminescent light emitting diodes

Passive optical functions

  • OSICS SWT, OSICS SWT-APC: optical shutters and switches
  • OSICS ATN-HP: high-power optical attenuators
  • OSICS BKR: variable back reflectors

Test systems based on the OSICS platform are also available:

  • OSICS-FBL: full-band tunable laser from 1260 to 1680 nm (step mode)

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