OSICS DFB DWDM - distributed feedback laser modules

OSICS DFB DWDM modules based on high-performance distributed feedback laser diodes

Key features:-

  • External and internal LF modulation
  • +13 dBm optical power
  • Internal wavelength calibration for ±30 pm accuracy
  • Stimulated Brillouin scattering suppression
  • Each module controllable from the front panel
  • Wavelength grid matched to ITU-T GHz channels with 1.8 nm typical tuning range


  • Channel monitoring in DWDM systems
  • WDM channel simulation

OSICS DFB DWDM modules are powerful distributed feedback laser sources boasting precise tunability, exceptional wavelength stability and external and internal LF modulation features. They are ideal for monitoring DWDM systems and simulating WDM channels.

Superior optical power and wavelength stability

OSICS DFB DWDM modules offer +13 dBm of optical power coupled in a polarization-maintaining fiber with a remarkable 5 pm wavelength stability over one hour.

Precise wavelength tuning

The internal wavelength calibration delivers ±30 pm accuracy, and the wavelength can be finely tuned over 1.8 nm (typ.) with the internal temperature control.

Minimal signal degradation

The modules feature Stimulated Brillouin scattering suppression to minimize signal degradation due to non-linearity in long-distance transmission experiments.

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