NQMSfiber - network quality monitoring system

The ultimate plug-and-play remote fiber test system.

Key features:-

  • 24/7 detection, location and tracking of fiber degradations
  • Secured centralized client-server solution
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Lit or dark fiber fault and system alerts
  • Turnkey fault-on-map solution with inventory and GIS (OSPInsight)
  • Plug-ins for out-of-the-box GIS two-way integration
  • One-click automatic provisioning capabilities
  • Web-based element management system (EMS) and remote test unit (RTU)
  • Unique RFTS test method for reference data management

A straightforward approach to network operation and maintenance

The NQMSfiber network quality monitoring system is a centralized server solution that manages your cable and fiber network status. It keeps you aware of any fiber faults or degradation in your network.

NQMSfiber uses a central server and remote test units (RTU) deployed at key locations across the network. Featuring sophisticated functions such as alarm management and reporting, trouble-ticket handling and complete network status schematic viewing, NQMSfiber enables you to integrate all your network operation and maintenance activities into your existing network management systems.

NQMSfiber also provides an easy way to integrate to your current GIS system through web services or its own network documentation based on GIS for fault-on-map feature.

Industry’s most reliable fiber monitoring solution

NQMSfiber RTUs leverage EXFO’s OTDR modules for high-resolution and accurate loss measurements in short and long fiber environments. All RTUs have one-meter resolution scans for resolving closely spaced events such as connectors or mechanical splices in an access site.

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