IT6900A series wide range programmable power supply have built-in standard RS232, USB, GPIB, RS485 and analog interface, support SCPI protocol, facilitate remote control, industrial PLC control and the formation of intelligent test platform. Remote compensation terminals avoid the problem of inaccurate testing caused by voltage drop on the wire. Low ripple, low noise and built-in digital voltmeter make IT6900A easy to do external measurement. IT6900A can be widely applied in DC-DC power supply module, battery charging and sensors and other test areas.


  • VFD display
  • Adjust voltage and current via knob or numerical key pad
  • High accuracy and high resolution
  • Adjust digital step value via cursor
  • Output according to voltage and current programed
  • Output Timer(0.1 ~ 99999.9S) Function
  • Low ripple and low noise
  • Remote Sense Function
  • OVP/OCP/OTP protection fucntions
  • Intelligent fan control
  • Rich SCPI instructions to facilitate the formation of intelligent test platform
  • Support front and rear panel output
  • Optional external analog function

Remote sense function

In order to avoid the pressure drop caused by the length of the wire connecting the load, the remote test allows measurement directly on the terminal of the test object to improve the measurement accuracy. S +, S is the remote measurement terminal, +, – is the output positive and negative terminals. When using the remote measurement function, it is necessary to disconnect the wires connected to the “+, -” terminals and lead S +, S to the test object.

List function

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