IT6800 single channel programmable DC power supply(180W-216W) with resolution 1mV/0.1mA, users can adjust the voltage/current stepping by pressing the left and right keys to moving the cursor and programs by the front panel.OVP/OTP protection. IT6800 supports timer function and their built-in RS232 and USB communication interfaces offer you a convinience testing experience.


  • Support panel programming, numeric keypad operation
  • High accuracy and resolution 1mV/0.1mA
  • Outputs according to the programmed voltage and current values
  • Adjust the voltage and current via knob
  • Lower ripple and noise
  • Remote sense
  • Built-in RS232 / USB interface
  • Intelligent fan control, save energy and reduce noise

Support panel programming function (List)

The IT6800A Series single channel Programmable DC Power Supply generates a variety of output change sequences by sequentially operating each single step value and time. The parameters in the sequence include time units, single-step voltage, single-step current, single-step time, and the next step , looping steps, saving files, and so on. After the sequential operation is completed, when a trigger signal is received, the power is turned on until the sequence operation is completed or another trigger signal is received again.

Remote sense function

In order to avoid the pressure drop caused by the length of the wire connecting the load, the remote test allows measurement directly on the terminal of the test object to improve the measurement accuracy. S +, S is the remote measurement terminal, +, – is the output positive and negative terminals. When using the remote measurement function, it is necessary to disconnect the wires connected to the “+, -” terminals and lead S +, S to the test object.

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