IT6700 series power supplies are the most economical power supplies,they have the widest voltage and current utilization,one power supply can replace multiple power supplies,widely used in various testing occasions.With the capacity of 100W,voltage output of 60V,current output of 5A,they can control the change rates of the voltage and current automatically.The power ratio can be up to 3 times.For instance,One IT6720 can subsitute previous 60V*1.6A/32/*3A/20V*5A 3 kinds of models to save your cost.


  • The most economical high performance completely digital-control power supplies
  • 10mV/1mA high accuracy and resolution
  • Lower noise and ripple
  • CV/CC modes
  • Minimum size to save space
  • LED display
  • OCP/OVP/OTP protection
  • Full scale 60V/5A,resolution 10mV/1mA,no need to switch
  • On/off controlling

Widest voltage and current utilization

IT6700 series can control voltage and current automaticly.The power ratio can be up to 3 times.For instance,one IT6720 can subsitute previous 60V*1.6A/32/*3A/20V*5A  3 kinds of models to save your cost.

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