With ITECH’s latest technology, the IT6500 series offers a full-featured high-performance power test solution. With fast response these DC power supplies provide users with a new level of power supply performance. From 800W to 30 kW, the whole series include more than 100 models. The maximum output voltage and current is up to 1000V and 1200A respectively. With its autoranging capabillity, it also has a super wide range of voltage and current applications. Users can choose the power supply that fits their testing requirements perfectly. In combination with the IT-E501 power dissipater unit, the current sinking capacity of IT6500C can be 100%, 200%, 300% and the power sinking up to 300% of the Sourcing capability. As a high-speed two-quadrant power supply, IT6500C (1800W-30kW) series has a priority function so as to realize high-speed current transition between power supply mode and electronic load mode, to achieve fast switching between sourcing and sinking current, even can achieve seamless switching under certain conditions. IT6512, IT6513 and IT6500C series power supplies provide built-in DIN40839 and ISO-16750-2 testing curves, support solar panel I-V curve simulation function.


  • Support multiple power supplies paralleling in Master-Slave mode and ensures each power supply equally shares the load current. Extension capacity is up to 30kW output.
  • Support up & down speed independently setting in different operation modes (Power supply: CV/CC/CP modes, Electronic load: CC/CP modes).
  • Adjustable rising and falling time
  • Two-quadrant current output, fast switching between quadrants – seamless switching, suitable for battery rapid charging/discharging test *1 *3 *5
  • Combined with IT-E501 power dissipater unit, can meet discharge test demand up to 90kW *1
  • Built-in DIN 40839, ISO-16750-2, SAEJ1113-11, LV124 and ISO2184 standard voltage curve for automobile power net *2
  • Solar panel I-V curve simulation function *4
  • LIST mode programming
  • Variable output impendence function *1
  • Low ripple and low noise
  • High resolution and high accuracy
  • Support multiple protections (Power Supply: OVP,OCP,OPP; Electronic Load: OCP,OPP,OTP, Vsense Reverse protection, turn-off protection, input under voltage protection
  • Remote sense function
  • Analog control interfaces
  • Built-in USB/RS232/CAN/GPIB/LAN interfaces

*1 Limit IT6500C series have this function

*2  Limit IT6500C series have this function, IT6512 and IT6513 are built-in DIN 40839, ISO-16750-2

*3 To achieve perfect battery charge & discharge function, please purchase IT9320 charge & discharge test system software

*4 Optional SAS1000 software

*5 Fast switching can be achieved under certain conditions, seamless switching function is unable to realize

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