IT6100 series(300~1200W) series programmable power supplies,0.1mV,1mA high resolution and high accuracy,ensure your accurate measurements.Built-in 5 1/2 bits digital voltmeter can measure additional signals critically.There’s List mode in which can edit and carry out the preset voltage waveform independently.


  • Linear programmable power
  • Highlight screen VFD display
  • Lower ripple and lower noise
  • Built-in 5 1/2 digital voltmeter
  • Support SCPI communication protocol
  • Optional GPIB/USB/RS232 interfaces
  • Higher accuracy and higher resolution
  • List mode operation for increased throughput
  • Standard 19-inch rack mount

List mode

IT6100 series power supply provides high speed List mode output, which makes power output automatically according to the sequence user edited.  Various output change orderwill be Produced by editing each single step value and time of List mode .

Remote Sense       

IT6100 series power supplies have remote sense terminal on rear panel.Remote sense function can be used to compensate for voltage drops(up to 1V) due to resistance from test leads connected to your device under test(DUT),thus providing more accurate output voltage.

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