Fluke is offering following intrinsically safe Instruments:

  • Fluke 568 Ex Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer » It is the one product you can use in Class I Div 1 and Div 2 or Zone 1 and 2 hazardous environments anywhere in the world. Whether you work in petroleum, chemical, oil and gas, or pharmaceutical environments, the 568 Ex allows you to carry the most trusted name in test tools into most Ex rated areas all around the globe. Measure -40 °C to 800 °C /-40 °F to 1472 °F, Measure small objects from further away, with a distance-to-spot ratio of 50:1, Compatible with mini-connector K-type thermocouple (KTC) probe, Capture up to 99 points of data.
  • Fluke 28 II Ex Intrinsically Safe True-rms Digital Multimeter » Now there’s one intrinsically safe digital Multimeter (DMM) you can use in IIC (gas), in Zone 1 and 2 and IIIC (dust), Zone 21 and 22. Whether you work in petroleum, chemical, or pharmaceutical environments, all the test and troubleshooting power you need is packed into the most rugged intrinsically safe (IS) DMM Fluke has ever built. The Fluke 28 II Ex is also waterproof, dust-proof and drop-proof. You’ll be equipped to handle any situation, inside and outside of hazardous zones, without compromising compliance or measurement performance.
  • Fluke 707Ex Intrinsically Safe Loop Calibrator » The fast one-handed tool for mA loop checks in Ex zones .The 707Ex is an intrinsically safe loop calibrator for use in explosion endangered areas. The Fluke 707Ex is certified in accordance with the ATEX directive (Ex II 2 G Ex ia IIC T4) in Zones 1 and 2. mA accuracy of 0.015%, superior to other loop calibrators, 1 µA resolution for mA source, simulate and measure, 0-100% “span check” for fast confirmation of zero and span, Internal loop supply, so you can power and read a transmitter at the same time without carrying a DMM, HART® compatible resistance is connected in series with the loop supply for compatibility with HART communicators.
  • Fluke 718Ex Intrinsically Safe Pressure Calibrator » The new Fluke 718Ex Intrinsically Safe Pressure Calibrator is a new, powerful intrinsically safe, self contained pressure calibrator for usage in Explosion endangered areas. ATEX II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Compliant, Built-in pressure / vacuum hand pump, with fine adjust vernier and bleed valve, 30, 100, and 300 psi ranges (2, 7, and 20 bar), Pressure measurement to 0.05% of full span, using an internal pressure sensor, Pressure measurement to 200 bar using any of eight intrinsically safe Fluke 700PEx Pressure Modules, Current measurement with 0.02% accuracy and 0.001 mA resolution. Compact size and weight.
  • Fluke 725Ex Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Process Calibrator » The 725Ex Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Process Calibrator is powerful yet easy-to-use. Pressure measurement to 3,000 psi/200 bar using any of the 8 intrinsically safe Fluke 750PEx Pressure Modules, calibrate pressure transmitters and I/P devices, the 725Ex is able to calibrate almost any process instrument likely to need service in an area where explosive gasses may be present. Measure and source mA, volts, temperature (RTDs and thermocouples), frequency, ohms, and pressure, using optional pressure modules. To calibrate transmitters, the 725Ex split display lets you view input and output values simultaneously. For valve and I/P tests, you can source mA while measuring pressure. The 725Ex has auto-stepping and auto-ramping for remote testing, plus 25% stepping for fast linearity tests.
  • Fluke 721Ex Precision Pressure Calibrator » The ideal tool for gas custody transfer applications in potentially explosive atmospheres is the Fluke 721Ex Precision Pressure Calibrator. With dual isolated pressure sensors, it allows you to take simultaneous static and differential pressure measurements with a single tool. The 721Ex can be configured by selecting either a 16 PSI (1.1 bar) or 36 psi (2.48 bar) low pressure sensor then add any of 7 high pressure ranges including 100, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 3000 or 5000 psi (6.9, 20, 24.5, 69, 103.4, 200, 345 bar). Intrinsically Safe – IECEx and Atex Ex ia IIB T3 Gb (Zone 1) rated, Two isolated, stainless steel, pressure sensors with 0.025 % accuracy, Switch test on both pressure inputs, Large backlit graphic display can display up to three inputs simultaneously, Store five instrument setups for recall and use.

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