EXFO Vision - video services monitoring

Provides 24/7 in-network visibility of service quality from the head-end to the set-top box

End-to-end QoE assessment of video

As quality expectations rise and alternative video services threaten, providers are under intense pressure to deliver the highest possible quality in order to gain market share in the extremely competitive video services space. To stand out from the pack and be successful, providers will have to turn-up, test, troubleshoot and continually monitor and assure video services.

This type of end-to-end service assurance requires a sophisticated solution that combines both hardware and software components that are integrated, scalable, flexible and easy to use. The answer: EXFO Vision, EXFO’s video service assurance solution.

EXFO Vision at a glance

This video assurance solution includes a wide range of testing equipment—from low-cost customer premise verifiers and handheld network testers to rackmounted core network verifiers. Featuring EXFO’s award-winning EXFO Vision software, this solution provides sophisticated, real-time monitoring, alarming, diagnostics and reporting.

EXFO provides the industry’s most advanced, scalable video-over-IP testing solution throughout the entire service lifecycle. Installation and turn-up tools ensure that you get off to a solid start, whether field technicians are installing new fiber for IPTV connectivity or engineering personnel are remotely monitoring new services, EXFO has the solution required. Operational monitoring provides KPIs 24/7 and troubleshooting tools help keep systems running smoothly. Tracking performance over time provides trend data that helps identify key issues and trouble spots.

Key features:-

  • Continuously manages and monitors video service quality
  • Proactively warns of issues and streamlines troubleshooting
  • Tracks performance using video-specific metrics, not just network delivery metrics
  • Delivers complete end-to-end service assurance visibility helping to ensure that customer satisfaction and QoE expectations are met
  • Supports telco, cable, terrestrial, satellite and over-the-top (OTT)
  • Provides 7/24/365 live monitoring and assessment of key metrics, from the satellite headend to the customer’s premise.


  • Video service assurance

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