Amprobe make Model: TACH-10 Contact and Non-Contact Tachometer. Universal, economical tachometer measuring rotational or surface speed either in contact or non-contact way. Widely used to measure rotational speed of motors, conveyer belts and other moving or rotating systems. User selectable units for contact measurement: RPM, m/min, ft/min, yd/min, Digital display, Auto power off function.

Amprobe make Model: TACH-20 Contact and Non-Contact Tachometer. It comes with a large LCD display that allows the user to easily read the measurement. It also has a built in memory function that permits automatic storage of maximum, minimum, average values plus the last measurement displayed. Select rpm using infrared beam or adapter: m/min, m/sec, ft/min, ft/sec, in/min, m, ft, and in, Includes 6 adapters, carrying case, reflective tapes batteries and user’s manual.

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