Calibration Software

Calibration Software

Fluke Calibration has software solutions for virtually every measurement discipline. Designed by measurement experts, these programs increase your productivity while strengthening your quality program and leaving a smile on your auditor’s face.

What is calibration software?

In general, the term “calibration software” refers to applications that automate all or part of a calibration process via computer control. Calibration software also allows the user to manage their calibration and asset data.

If you’ve heard about the benefits of automated calibration and asset management but are puzzled about how everything fits together,

Other types of calibration software exist. At Fluke Calibration, these include data-logging software, software that generates calibration constants and references, and various add-on and plug-in software programs.

Why use calibration software?

Using software to automate all or part of the calibration process offers several important advantages.


Software automation ensures that the calibration can be performed exactly the same way by multiple operators in multiple locations, and over time. This improves the quality of your results, reduces errors and standardizes methods.


Automating the calibration process allows technicians to set up tests and then go on to perform other tasks, making more efficient use of their time.  Calibrations are typically completed much more quickly, saving time and money.  If the software is capable of calibrating multiple units under test simultaneously, automation increases throughput as well.

Documentation and reports

Calibration automation software typically includes features for documenting calibration procedures, storing calibration data, and producing reports, allowing you to eliminate paper records or spreadsheets.

Because calibration software does such a wonderful job of keeping accurate records of all parts of the calibration process, it can also help you comply with a wide variety of quality standards.

Common quality standards

  • ISO/IEC 17025
  • ISO 9000
  • ANSI Z540

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