IT5100 series is a series of battery internal resistance testers with high precision, high resolution and high speed. IT5100 adopts AC 4-terminal sensing, that means the tester can test internal resistance and voltage simultaneously with high precision. Resistance resolution is down to 0.1 μΩ, voltage resolution is 10 μV.  Combined with external USB disk, IT5100 is available for long-term statistics calculation.Built-in comparator function, IT5100 can automatically determine whether the battery parameters meet the standards and count pass rate, which is suitable for a variety of battery`s test and pick. Built-in GPIB / USB / LAN communication interface to support SCPI communication protocol.Single unit of IT5102 support 16 channels batteries measurement, master- slave connection up to max.17 sets and extension channels quantity up to 272, that greatly improves testing efficiency. Built-in LAN / RS232 communication interface, IT5100 series can be widely applied in cellphone lithium batteries,electric vehicle batteries and other batteries inspection and sorting.


  • Support resistance & voltage simultaneously test and display, 4.3 inch LCD screen
  • Voltage ranges:10 μV~300 V *2
  • Resistance ranges: 150 μΩ~3000 Ω *1
  • voltage ranges,7 resistance ranges, optional automatic or mannu measuring *3
  • Support resistance & voltage simultaneously test, speed up to 125 times / S *4
  • Built-in GPIB, USB, LAN interfaces,supports SCPI protocol.
  • Statistics calculation and data USB storage function
  • Comparator function: sorting result HI/IN/LOW display
  • Zero adjustment function
  • 4-terminal AC measurement
  • Measuring result alarm
  • IT5102 single unit supports 16 channels testing, max.17 sets master and slave extension connection *5
  • Supports battery online testing *6
  • Available for supporting ITS5300 battery charging & discharging test system automatic measurement.

*1:IT5101E is 15mΩ ~ 3Ω, IT5102/5102E is 0.01mΩ~2Ω

*2:IT5102/5102E is 0~60V

*3:IT5101E、IT5102/5102Eresistance is the two range

*4:IT5101/5101E under Ex_Fast mode

*5:IT5102E is 8 channels

*6:IT5101/5101E only support offline measurements,IT5102/5102E support both online and offline measurements at the same time.


  • High-voltage battery pack test e.g. electric vehicles, lithium battery etc.
  • Battery module testing
  • Large (low-resistance) cell testing
  • High-speed mass production testing of coin batteries
  • UPS inspection
  • Deterioration & life assessment of alkaline batteries, lead-acid battery Various contact resistance test
  • Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) test

4-terminal AC Measurement

Toavoid the influence caused by testing wire and ensure test precision, IT5101 and IT5101E adopt AC 4-terminal sensing. This means the tester can test not only internal resistance and voltage simultaneously with high precision, but also support long-term statistical calculations.

Statistics calculation & Measurement setting configurations storage

Combined with an external USB disk, IT5101 can be used for statistical calculation, which greatly simplifies the process and provides convenience to quality control.
The data storage capacity up to 1000 groups, maximum measurement setting configurations storage capacity up to 126 pcs. And the measurement data of IT5100 series can be stored as .csv file.

Optional accessories

ITECH provides multiple optional accessories for IT5100 series battery testers, including 4 types of testing wires with different probes and zero adjustment board.

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