ADSL Splitter

ADSL Splitter

ADSL POTS Splitter draws dial tone safely without downing ADSL service.
  • Make your current butt-in telephone test set safe for ADSL lines
  • Connect the ADSL Splitter to draw dial-tone without disrupting ADSL service

The Fluke Networks ADSL / POTS Splitter can troubleshoot the permanent-installed POTS splitter at the NID without downing the ADSL service. The ADSL Splitter is tough, small and lightweight for every day use by field technicians in conjunction with a butt-in test set. (Fluke Networks recommends ADSLSafe™ test sets for full data protection). Perhaps most important to technicians who work with business customers, the ADSL/ POTS Splitter can draw a dial tone from anywhere on the line without downing ADSL service.

Remaining on-line during servicing is critical to data subscribers. The ADSL/ POTS Splitter is built to the standards T1E1.4 and G.992.2, and works with all ADSL services regardless of carrier or level of service. The user has two options for termination: RJ-11 modular jack, or butted in with alligator clips.

The Fluke Networks ADSL /POTS Splitter is built tough and is water resistant for varied and often harsh outside-plant environments. The portable, rugged design of this ADSL/ POTS Splitter is ideal for both field use and in-house troubleshooting. At the same time, the unit is remarkably small and easy to carry. The ADSL/ POTS Splitter weighs only 3.5 oz. (.11kg), so it can be carried on a belt or in a tool pouch.

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